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buy cheap fut coins After the Olympics, chaos of hyper-v, Zhang Shuai retired events like the Pan in this "pot roast" Add seasoning after nearly six months of simmering, delegation of mutated to dismiss Zhang Shuai and retired game. If the phenomenon itself, Zhang Shuai retired before the event with the Phoenix-Al is similar to basketball's case some. However, when that sort of thing happens in football, will cast a gray tone Zhang Shuai retired by the conundrum begins, will also finally conundrum. World War four months ago that Beijing, Shanghai and the ins and outs of what happened, the so-called negative matches exactly to what extent, national security ever to cancel its registration for 2009? When question marks surfaced one after another, and no party can explain. We have some bizarre anecdotes and strong network discovered the so-called truth in soccer circles there is a strange phenomenon. Turmoil in the party, people have dug out Zhang Shuai clubbing and the doping of the old back, from a human being to be qualitative. So now someone yelled out Zhang Shuai is a bad person, however, please do not forget this one old adage: don't teach, father is at fault. In recent years many handsome, is a victim of Chinese football under harsh environment. China Professional League football is perhaps the world's most unpredictable. Match-fixing, black whistle and gambling, touched upon the sensitive issue, you never know what's going on. The legacy of China's football mystery, enough for historians to research before you know it, Chinese Super League has gone through 5 years. Now in retrospect, the annual winner memories fade, deeply engraved in my mind either scandal or suspense. Now, the only thing we can do, only declassified that day looking forward to Chinese football.

In order to attract more users to participate in this contest, organizers have set up a special award, the audience just onlookers winning individual awards: FIFA: the tournament most outstanding player. Golden Boot award: best shooter. Golden Shield award: best goalkeeper. Best popularity individual award and best popularity team through game online topic netizens vote decided best ball Awards: pointing game, boosting text, see ball critique events, in Forum sports community posted, excellent who can obtained best ball Awards best photography award: in sports community section upload this times game wonderful moments, can is a support team of game course inhibition or a players of struggle moments, composed figure set. Finalists for best photography Award for best video of the year: wonderful upload game images on video channels, unleash your creativity, leaving the most breathtaking film. Finalists for best cinematography Award for the best football baby: cheerleading is the most beautiful scenery outside the stadium, gas is not the sister, is personality! Organizers after the game the cheerleaders were chosen in the three best football baby. Mm move up!

Award for mystery, worth the wait!

Welcome friends recommend corporate sponsors, sponsorship as a prize back to the user. Awards more than the required range of products: mobile phones, laptops, cameras, DV, televisions, home sports equipment, jewelry, other digital products, all kinds of food coupons as well as sports cheap fut coins drinks, water, etc. Welcome businesses sponsored the football, if interested, please contact organizing Committee staff click here: supplier networks to broadcast, so stay tuned and 5.29 at 9 o'clock in the morning on Saturday held the opening ceremony venue: 5.29 at 9 o'clock in the morning to 10 points on Saturday. Xinzhou road, Shenzhen border football base should strongly demand of the broad masses of netizens and the players, organizers added their thoughtful, solemn decision: the players come on PPC, let us work together on behalf of "Team China" to participate in the World Cup, bringing together of the 1.3 billion Chinese people, game styles, game levels, glory to the motherland luster for us now!

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